Hi, my name is Ivano.
I have been working as a thesis help types of personal narrative caricaturist and illustrator both in Australia and Europe for over 25 years. ( Which is a bit of a dream career for someone born and bred in country Victoria who just wanted to draw ).

My clients include both corporate and private clients. Amongst them have been Australia Post, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Mushroom Records, ANZ Bank, Commonwealth Bank, UBS Bank, Citroen, IBM, GlaxoSmithKline etc etc etc… I think you get the idea.

I am currently based in Melbourne, Australia, but I can take and send orders to anywhere in the world ( Read More ).

Over the last decade I have been specializing in ‘on the spot’ and gift caricatures ( a much preferred lifestyle ).

In the last few years I have adopted a very kind approach to my drawings determined to bring out thesis help types of personal narrative the “best bits” and thus guarantee that everyone ends up with a pleasant experience and a long lasting precious memento.

Enough talk, welcome to my website, have a look around, feel free to contact me any time and enjoy your visit.